You MUST be 18 or older to attend!

Yes, every person will be checked for ID before entering

NO! Sale of cannabis on site is strictly prohibited!

Yes, as long as u have your MMCC card, and a valid Maryland ID card.

There will be a designated area for consumption of your medication.

Maryland State law states under no circumstances can patients share their medication.

All sales are final! No refunds, no upgrades, no exchanges. The only time money is refunded is if an event is cancelled.

YES!! Go to the on-site box office. Online tickets are less expensive.

You will be escorted off the premises immediately and will be subject to any fine or penalty associated with said crime, in accordance with state and county law.

Do not tamper with or remove your wristband, unless you’re not returning to the event. Your wristband is your ticket. Wristbands are not replaceable. If you remove your wristband you will need to purchase another ticket.

YES, re-entry is permitted. You must be wearing your wristband to return. If wristbands are tampered with in any way, you will not be allowed back on the premises without purchase of another ticket!
Yes every bag will be checked for weapons and contraband.