Dave East

A strong lyricist adept at telling gritty street narratives, Harlem-based MC Dave East has a style heavily reminiscent of ’90s New York hardcore rap, while sounding fresh enough to compete with the contemporary hip-hop landscape. After building a buzz with several independent mixtapes during the early 2010s, East caught the attention of his favorite rapper, Nas, who signed him to Mass Appeal.


An affiliate of Cam’ron and his Dipset crew, Harlem rapper Vado kicked off his career as Movado, but changed his name to avoid any confusion with the reggae artist. Claiming it as an acronym that stood for “Violence and Drugs Only,” Vado first recorded with Jae Millz before joining Cam’ron’s splinter group U.N. in 2009. A year later, he landed on DJ Khaled’s album We the Best Forever while 2011 saw the release of Gunz n’ Butta, a collaborative effort from Vado and Cam’ron. In 2013 he signed with DJ Khaled’s We the Best label and released the single “Look Me in My Eyes” with special guests Rick Ross and French Montana. His debut EP, Sinatra, followed in 2014.

Marlon Asher

Mr. Marlon Asher, the “Ganja Farmer” or “Cowboy” affectionately known to his friends is a native Trinidadian and is the first reggae sensation out of Trinidad & Tobago who is now one of the most sought out artist in the country! Marlon chose the name “Asher” which was derived from the 12 tribes of Israel and is the tribe that represents December; the spirit of Christ.

Jah Works

Jah Works is a true grassroots success story that emerged from Baltimore’s reggae scene over 20 years ago. This is music made by and for lovers of real, authentic reggae music. … Formed in 1993, the band found their identity while listening to the song “Jah Works” by the classic Jamaican vocal group The Gladiators.

DJ Kariz Marcel

Marcelius Martin (aka Kariz Marcel) is a New York born, Baltimore raised producer and social-entrepreneur. With his early musical roots sprouting from hip hop, go-go and Baltimore club music, Kariz’s sound is a seamless blend of those worlds.

DeluxX Jewelz

DeluxX Jewelz is a homegrown Rapper from Baltimore City, that gives his Fans a peephole into his Life, with his “real-as-it-get’s” lyrics. He has a way with words, that will make you think, while “Bobbing” your head to his many Flows and “Insane Lyricism”. As he shares his “Relatable” Street-Life Stories, DeluxX Jewelz, compels you to “question what you’ve been taught by, Society and gain “New Perceptions” about Life. He has been on many different levels in Life, from battles on the corner to owning his own Record Lable, DeluxX Jewelz Music Company LLC.

Jade Omari

“Jade Omari” is a Latin female artist from Adelphi, Maryland. At just 17 Jade began exploring her musical journey, currently at 24 Her ability to create music has only progressed immensely since. stemming from combining her power of sound with her power of emotions, Jade hopes in return these songs can help uplift the listeners mood and create a long lasting positive  impact.

Smiley Da Singer

Smiley The Singer is a 18-year-old teen from West Baltimore who comes from a family of singers, both his mother and brother can sing as well. Smiley The Singer has been singing since he was in grade school and started writing his own music about two years ago. “Usually,  I don’t rap. I use to just sing, but you’ve got to give your crowd and audience something different,”. “You don’t always have to be the same.” Smiley The Singer’s mother loved Aaliyah while he was growing up and the inspiration for the rendition to her hit record was something special, as he turned it into a hit about real life situations. “I like writing relatable songs and for people to hear about real life situations,” the singer said. “I’ve been through this situation a lot growing up so I wrote it down into a song.” This is his first video and Smiley is hitting the street hot with an authentic story and sound that relates to Baltimore youth all over the city. The numbers don’t lie as the video was viewed over 167 thousand times (and counting) on YouTube and consistently pulls in numbers via Instagram. “This record was important for me to release because I wanted people to hear my story and what I had to say,” said Smiley The Singer. “I [felt] as though this song would take me far or get me somewhere in this music industry and I continue on dropping more hits following ALL TO YOU BEAT IT UP UPSET AND MORE .